Christmas CAMPAIGN

print / digital media campaign

The Brief

Each year it is quite a struggle for the design team to come up with a fresh look for Christmas, and there is always the pressure to surpass the success of the previous year. This time of year gets the highest number of sales of gift cards in the year and is crucial to the retail sales team for meeting their targets so we really push hard at this time. The marketing campaign is huge - running across over 100 different print formats and advertising through multiple forms of media including cinema advertising, radio, magazines, EDMS and web banners.


The results

After many years of bright, bold colours and heavy text in our Christmas POS, I decided to take a softer more refined approach as we wanted our physical printed gift cards to be very pretty and the supporting POS must complement the cards. I designed two cards, one targeted at males with an elegant masculine reindeer design, and another targeting the female market with beautiful silver foiling. Christmas carols are illustrated in watercolour in the POS artwork in a minimalist layout featuring one strong visual element and a hierarchy of headline and call to action as an important secondary.


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