social media art

personal project

The Brief

There is no denying the incredibly strong influence social media has on today's society. Whether it is being used by brands for professional practice and promotion, or simply for one's personal use - it is a booming market. The use of hashtags allows us to search and connect with people, groups, brands and businesses more easily than ever before. Many companies have social media departments and have staff who specialise in the psychology of social media. Most brands these days have a Facebook and Instagram presence.



My social media design is often typography-based. I noticed early on that inspirational quotes and music quotes were starting to trend on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. I think that the psychology behind this trend is very interesting. People want to be inspired, and want to see sayings or quotes that they can relate to in their daily lives. But what was lacking was good design, typography and imagery to illustrate these quotes. So my aim was to solve this problem and fill that gap.

Typographic design of quotes has also become very popular in home and interior decorating in printed and framed format. The beauty of these projects is the creative freedom to think outside the box, try to come up with witty, cheeky or playful language and being able to leave more of my personal flair in my art.