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My name is Nikki Clark and I am a multi-disciplinary designer and visual problem-solver based in Sydney, Australia.

Design is not only my profession, it is my passion and my creative outlet.

I see design as a balance of communication, art, strategy, culture, and purpose - the practice and art of planning and projecting ideas visually. My approach is to create innovative solutions in order to conquer each challenge in every brief by producing high quality, purpose-driven work.

“Knowledge, simplicity and attention to detail form the foundation of my design philosophy. Creating beautifully-crafted design through a balance of intelligent planning and visual aesthetics is how I approach each brief.”

A career spanning a decade in this ever-evolving industry has allowed me incredible growth and expansion. I enjoy adding to my skill set and building on my knowledge any chance I get, and my insatiable appetite for learning and striving helps to keep me sharp. I have worked in several departments including Marketing, Commercial, Retail and Corporate Sales, Events, Loyalty programs, Entertainment and most recently Education. Working in both corporate and creative agency environments has given me invaluable experience in fitting seamlessly into different workplace dynamics.

I enjoy project development from initial concept through to finished product, and my experience includes mobile app prototyping, front end web development, user journey research and testing, wireframing, presentations, branding & identity, digital media, and national marketing campaigns that extend from retail POS, responsive web design, social media, animation, print, and packaging.

I possess strong verbal skills and am comfortable presenting and pitching design concepts.

My work has been published internationally on multiple platforms including billboards, posters, editorial magazines, online publications, external and bus signage, websites and in bars, restaurants, and retail spaces.

I am currently studying Front End Web Development (I love to code) and the art of UX/UI design. What I love about UX is that it is as much about the journey as it is the final product. As an avid researcher with an analytical mind by nature, I find great appeal in the psychology and science that goes into the planning phase. There is something beautiful and rewarding in the act of taking something functional and making it a pleasurable experience for users.

A bit about my personality...because let’s face it...who wants to work with a difficult colleague?

As much as I hope to impress you with my skills and experience, one attribute I have always taken pride in is my positive and pleasant attitude. I constantly strive to form healthy, professional, mutually rewarding relationships with the people I work with. Staying calm, productive and rational in the midst of high-pressure situations is a standard I set for myself and adhere to.

Working collaboratively alongside other creatives is one of the most rewarding aspects of operating in this industry. Although I am experienced in self-management and can flourish unsupervised, I find that working with a team gives me a chance to offer support, motivation and “idea-bouncing” to my colleagues and I truly believe that is the best environment for productivity.

Random facts about me

I am a Hawaiian hula dancer, film buff, violinist, foodie, music-obsessed amateur photographer and life enthusiast.


These are some of my previous works

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Planning & Development Hulanesian Site
Portfolio Image
Responsive Website Hulanesian Site
Portfolio Image
Research & Development UX PROCESS
Portfolio Image
Mobile App Design FUNK IT UP
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Special Occasion FATHER'S DAY
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image
Special Occasion VALENTINES DAY
Portfolio Image
Logo/Branding MATE NIGHT
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"Design is intelligence made visible"


My specialties, experience range and passions

  • Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up

    -Pablo Picasso-
  • Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

    -James Russell Lowell-
  • Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

    -Erich Fromm-

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